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Crisis. Survive. Adapt. Thrive. Where are you?

I am almost too embarrassed to use this cliched analogy. Almost. However, it is still amazing with the right combination of time, stress, and heat a piece of coal can become a diamond. Humans can go through a very similar refining process as rocks. You combine all the right elements together and we have the potential to emerge through any difficult time as a diamond. The main difference is we have a choice what we become. The lump of coal does not. It’s that choice that makes all the difference.

It has been my observation, our process of becoming a diamond through the current state of affairs really has four main phases.

The Crisis Phase

This phase begins with overwhelming news. Then, quickly it turns to panic. Your mind continues to linger too long questioning why and blaming others. Thus, self-debilitation prohibits you from setting up a viable plan of action to move to the next phase. If you do make the choice to set up a plan of action, you graduate up to the next phase.

The Survive Phase

On the onset in this phase you focus on what is needed to keep your head above water. Then, you react by snatching up all the toilet paper you might need for the next decade and settle in for the storm that is bellowing past. The challenge is you might physically be in the survival phase, but mentally setting up camp in the crisis phase. But if you are one of the lucky ones and sought to add value to yourself during this time, you have slowly transitioned into the next phase.

The Adapt Phase

This is when innovation occurs in your life. You have leapt through just surviving and decided you are now looking to make yourself or business better. You a lapping up any new ideas that can bring positive change and innovation. You crave adding value to yourself and to your business every day. You have no fear in testing new ideas. You sink your teeth into those ideas. If it tastes bitter, you toss it. But if it tastes sweet, you set your plan into action. You execute.

The Thrive Phase

This is when you have completely embraced the challenge of adding value to yourself or business. You are now executing your plan of action. You are cycling through your decision continually evaluating are you getting the desired efficacy from your plan. Are you adding value?

There certainly are variants of each phase. What I have discovered is those who have chosen to set up a plan of action, have transitioned through these phases well. From the onset of the recent months I knew I wanted to be able to continue to bring joy and smiles to people. That is why I jumped at the chance to create virtual magic show. You see, I am not just preaching these things to you. I put them into practice, but it took me making a deliberate choice to adapt to make it happen.

Where are you in this process? Are you adapting to become a diamond? Or are you stuck in survival mode? It all begins with making the choice to plan.

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