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"He makes you ask over and over...
How did he do that?"

--Elissa Weick

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Stage and Parlor Magic

Whether your audience is 20 or 220, they can be entertained with thought provoking magic.

Virtual Performances

A fantastic way to connect with your team members working remotely.

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Speaking: Magic Plus...

This is where entertainment meets education.

Past Clients

These are just a few satisfied customers.

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Eric was amazing! The whole team had a great time. Everyone participated, laughed, was amazed and astonished, and kept talking about it after the show was over. This was exactly what I was hoping for, and my expectations were exceeded!
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Julius Vaughn

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My Magical Journey

My journey into the world of magic started when I was just 11 years old. The adjacent video is a clip of my first real performance in front of the ENTIRE 5th grade class. Since then, I have lost the spikey hair and that fly safety patrol belt, but not my love for performing! 

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