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A Dream Realized

 In March of 2023, I witnessed a dream come to life as my book, "Empowering Students For The Future," was traditionally published.  It is a culmination of over two decades of tirelessly working as a public school teacher. The book dives into the questions we all wish we learned when we were younger and how to present them to your learners. It's not just a book; it's a practical tool that empowers teachers to effortlessly integrate these questions and concepts into their classrooms.

Sharing The Message

My mission as an educator is to build an army of successful students, a group that encompasses not only my own students but ALL students. That's why I've fused my love for performing magic with the transformative content of my book. By weaving magic into the narrative, I've devised an electrifying and immersive approach to convey the book's themes. I've had the privilege of spreading my "motivational magic" message to schools and colleges from coast to coast.

Teaching The Message

As educators, our mission is to cultivate lifelong learners, and in order to do that, we must occasionally step into the learner's seat ourselves. That's why I offer the "Motivational Magic Teachers Edition" – a unique opportunity for teachers to experience the magic of learning and the power of resilience.

During these sessions, I share not just a handful, but dozens of my tried-and-true methods for seamlessly incorporating these concepts into their teaching. It's a journey where teachers become the students, and together, we unlock the secrets to empowering our learners to thrive and persevere in the face of life's challenges.


"Very entertaining and highly engaging. He connected with teenagers exceptionally well, including them in the magic. He also had a great positive message woven into the show."
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Brian Post- SUNY Plattsburg College

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Magic Performances

At eleven years old, my passion for performing magic began. It has allowed me to perform for such companies such as Google, Comcast and Vonage. Click below to discover more.


Moving Forward:

Let's embark on this magical journey of learning, where the roles of teacher and student intertwine, creating an enriching, resilient experience for all.

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