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In order to understand the value of The Right Questions, we all need to first examine what are the shortfalls of education.

Slipped through the cracks.

By combining my work as a full time teacher, professional magician, and professional speaker, I have led learners from all over the country on a reflective journey through The Right Questions. These are the questions that have slipped through the cracks in education, but these are the questions if YOU internalize them, you can live a more successful life.    

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Empowering Students For The Future 

After years in the making, The Right Questions are going to be in print! Teaming up with Routledge Publishing, I am excited to offer all the concepts, ideas and lessons encompassing The Right Questions. To learn more about the book, feel free to click either one of the image below.

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Take the time to truly reflect over these questions.  This is the first step to creating a happier, healthier, more successful life. You can't build the life you want without understanding WHAT you want. 

A Reflective Journey.

  1. What are you really good at doing?

  2. What is something you enjoy?

  3.  What is something your friends and family say you are good at doing?

  4. Observing what you are good at and what you enjoy, is there any way to use those things in the service of others?

  5. What are you bad at doing but wish you were better?

  6. What are you bad at doing and know you need to be better at?

  7. What do your family and friends say you are bad at doing?

  8. What are you dying to get better at or learn?

  9. What is something that comes very easy to you?

  10.  What is something you could teach someone else . . . really well?

  11. What is something you could talk about for three hours straight?

  12. What skills do you possess that others don’t?

  13.  What makes you feel proud you accomplished?

It Can't Just Be About Money.

This video begins to lay the ground work for genuinely defining what success means to you. It requires understanding the questions listed above in regards to "How well do you really know yourself?"

Here you are introduced to The Facets of Success.

Benefits To Students:

1. The students will be challenged to create their unique definition of success.

2. The students will assess their current skillsets that demonstrate value in the workforce and their lives.

3. The students will learn 5 areas in which they can improve their emotional health.

4. The students will enjoy a highly entertaining magic performance alongside a highly impactful motivational message.

Benefits to Educators:

1. Educators will be learn battle tested techniques to enhance their students' social emotional health.

2. Educators will discover an easy approach to deepening their connection with their students.

3. Educators will be empowered to evolve education.

4. Educators will enjoy a highly entertaining magic performance alongside a highly impactful motivational message.

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Watch this video to learn more about one of the  highest calorie brain donuts. 

What Goes In... 

With this video, I begin to challenge you to really evaluate what you are putting into your brain. 

Often we overlook the powerful influence of "brain donuts". 

"Very entertaining and highly engaging. He connected with teenagers exceptionally well, including them in the magic. He also had a great positive message woven into the show."
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Brian Post- SUNY Plattsburg College


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